Lishy Lou and Lucky Too!

“Lishy Lou and Lucky Too”- “Lishy Lou and Lucky Too” is a children’s live-action TV show starring Lishy Lou and Lucky. They live together in a magical treehouse with all sorts of friends and guests that visit them from


time to time. Each episode will present a problem that Lishy, Lucky and
their friends help solve together. They’re a bilingual household (English and Spanish) and it’s always filled with music and dance, encouraging movement and learning through song. They teach social skills, about what to do and what not to do in various situations kids may find themselves in. The show

is filled with bright colors and imaginative visuals, which will appeal to the younger kids, but it will also be smart, funny and never speak down to the audience, which will appeal to the older kids. The show’s time-traveling character will provide historical facts about where she’s going or who she’ll see. Plus, each episode will be themed around a song by the “Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band.” 



POCKETS is friend of Lishy and distant cousin of Lucky. Pockets comes and goes as he pleases. He cannot speak - he uses his instruments and noise-makers to communicate! While he is a prankster & a jokester, he usually accidentally ends up helping.  Pockets often plays a multitude of instruments in the band and even has his own song!


  • Thingamajigs
  • Mirlitrons (kazoos!)
  • Silent Movies
  • Taking a nap in a pile of hats
  • Rotary Telephones
  • Grandfather Clocks


  • Hornswogglers
  • Curmudgeons
  • Electronic alarm clocks
  • Stinky cheese
  • Misplacing maps
  • Puzzles with one missing piece